• 360 Stretch

    360 Stretch

    The Stretchiest Denim Hits, from 40%, 60% to 100%. It provides the assurance of super stretch performance and long-lasting comfort for better fit, body shaping and extreme freedom of movement, making it the perfect choice for super skinny fits.
  • Functional Fabric ISPO

    Functional Fabric ISPO

  • J-Fit


    It's a revolutionary stretch fabric, J-Fit, with less forces needed to reach super stretch compared to commonly-used spandex. The letter "J" perfectly presents the much smoother curve when you measure the stretch and the force applied to the fabric. Easier to stretch means less pressure on body to move the way you like. Easy On, Easy Off.
  • Lightweight Shirting with 100% TENCEL

    Lightweight Shirting with 100% TENCEL

    Over 400 articles of lightweight denim with weight less than 7oz, from cotton to blended, from twill to chambray, from clean indigo to dark black. A perfect fit for denim shirting.
  • Selvedge


  • Rigid




    4-way stretch technology, with good elongation on both warp and weft.


    As the only denim mill in China that joined bluesign® system, we increase the use of sustainably sourced materials, change to clean dyeing technologies, install a solar power system and ETP, to offer a wide range of sustainable denim fabrics with less impact to the environment.
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  • Deep Color

    Deep Color

  • Functional Fabric

    Functional Fabric

  • Soft and Drape

    Soft and Drape

    It uses super soft cotton and innovative fibers on the inside of the fabric that delivers ultra-soft touch and upgraded comfort, eliminating the need of additional soften washing process. Just Feel It.
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  • Men Style

    Men Style

    Traditional styles and rugged/masculine looks. 100% cotton and rigid.
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  • Stretch Fabric

    Stretch Fabric

    We combine cotton and advanced stretch technology to apply just the right amount of stretch on the fabric. The result is 15 - 40% elongation, authentic denim look, good shrinkage control and fit for men and women both.